CFML Design Patterns and Uses

(This talk can be done as a standard 50-minute session, or it can be expanded into a 2 hour deep-dive with more in-depth code examples and a few additional patterns.)

Design Patterns are some of the biggest benefits that come from using CFComponents. They're reusable techniques that can solve problems in a variety of projects - and the same patterns can be reused across other OOP languages as well. Just like a for() loop or an array, learning how to apply Design Patterns to your projects is a skill that will be helpful regardless of the type or size of your projects!  You may already be using a Design Pattern or 2 and not even realize it!

That sounds great and all, but how do you actually USE these things!? Enough UML diagrams, we get paid to write code! When the heck should I put the Factory Pattern to use? What's a Template Method Pattern look like in actual code and why do I care? That's what we'll cover in this talk - we'll look at actual code samples from real-world applications, all of which use these patterns, and we'll take a close look at the problem that was solved with each pattern, so you'll walk away with a better idea of when to implement such patterns in your own applications.

Target Audience: CFML developers that are comfortable building CFComponents. Attendees should know how to create a CFC and be familiar with the basic benefits of using components. They should also understand some fundamental concepts of OOP such as constructors, inheritance, and composition. The code examples we'll give in this talk will be done in CFML but conceptually the information will work in a variety of other languages as well.

Main takeaways:

  • What is a Design Pattern?
  • The Design Pattern you're already using and don't know it.
  • Some common patterns: Factory, Template Method, Dependency Injection.
  • Real CFML examples of when to use them.
  • Are there such things as bad design patterns?
  • Resources for further learning