ColdSpring and DI/1 Comparison

DI/1 is gaining in popularity, ColdSpring 2 has been quasi-available for a while now too. But do newbies know what they are and when/why to use them? Let's do an intro to the concept of "dependency injection" and see how both ColdSpring and DI/1 handle this facet of development.

Description of Target Audience: ColdFusion developers unfamiliar with ColdSpring or DI/1, looking to learn about dependency injection and places it can help with application development.

Assumed knowledge for the topic: An intermediate level of ColdFusion, and some experience writing Components (but no full-on experience with MVC is required).

Main takeaways:

  • The problems that dependency injection solves.
  • An intro on how to install and configure ColdSpring
  • An intro on how to install and configure DI/1
  • Some code samples of how to use each DI framework in an application.
  • The key differences between the two (convention vs configuration based tools).