CommandBox vs Node.js

JavaScript is everywhere, and with that so is Node.js. Developers feel they have to have Node installed for a modern development workflow. Did you know that all the core features of Node now exist in a pure CFML workflow? Everything you’ve heard about from the JavaScript / Node world can be done with CommandBox! Package management, installing dependencies, command line tooling, flipping between run-time environments, automated build and testing processes are often mentioned as tasks made easier with Node. Modern CFML developers can have all of these same benefits without ever installing Node! It all can be done from CommandBox and this preso will show you how!

Description of target audience: CFML developers that feel their toolset is dated and that Node.js / JavaScript developers have all the cool toys these days.

Assumed knowledge for the topic: Attendees should have an intermediate level knowledge of CFML including how to write a basic CFC. We’ll also assume you know what a JSON config file is and some JavaScript fundamentals. No prior experience with CommandBox or Node.js is required, though it might be helpful.

Main takeaways:

  • The basics of CommandBox and Node.js and what they do
  • How to start integrating CommandBox into your CFML projects
  • What it takes to modify CommandBox and Node.js
  • How to write your own CommandBox additions
  • Other amazing things you can do with CommandBox, some of which Node.js can’t!
  • A general feeling of excitement about how modern the CFML toolset really is!