Connecting Vue.js and CFML

Vue.js is quickly becoming one of the more popular JavaScript frameworks. It provides a lot of the same benefits of Angular and React, but with a less intense learning curve, and more flexibility. We’ll start at the very beginning, showing how to install and begin using Vue and some of the basic features it provides. Then comes the server part. How do we send data from the Vue.js app to a server in the cloud? That’s where our CFML code comes into play. In this session we’ll discuss how to get started with Vue.js and how to start building a simple JSON API using CFML. Then we’ll connect the 2 pieces together building a fully working application with Vue.js + CFML.

Main takeaways:

* Installing Vue.js and building your first Vue app
* Basic structure of an Vue application
* Building views and navigation
* Adding a service layer
* A brief intro to JSON, REST and API’s
* Using ColdFusion to build a JSON API
* Connecting a Vue application to a server-side API for legacy CFML apps
* Connecting a Vue application to a server-side API with ColdBox
* Some best practices
* Other resources

Target audience:

ColdFusion programmers that are new or mostly new to Vue.js are encouraged to attend. Developers looking to start using ColdBox and those still stuck maintaining a legacy CF-include based application will all learn ways to connect their CFML codebase to a Vue front end application.

[Slides and Code Samples]