Crash Course in Ionic + AngularJS

Ionic is a great tool for building hybrid mobile apps and AngularJS is a great JavaScript framework that plays very nicely with Ionic.  In this talk we'll go over the basics of getting started with AngularJS+Ionic.  We'll look at some real code from each of the 2 libraries and see what all is involved in building a hybrid mobile application. We will finish our journey with a real-life Ionic app presentation powered by RESTFul services.

Target Audience: People that want to see where to start with AngularJS and how it fits into Ionic. This talk assumes no prior knowledge with either library. If you've built a PhoneGap mobile app but felt lost when adding MVC-style structure or Bootstrap-esque UI components, this is the talk for you.

Assumed Knowledge: Attendees should be comfortable with "modern JavaScript".  A basic understanding of classes and objects and variable scopes will be helpful.  Some basic prior exposure to PhoneGap/Cordova and a UI-framework such as Bootstrap will also be helpful.

Main points:

  • A quick overview of MVC.
  • Building your first AngularJS project
  • Adding Routes, Controllers, and Routes to your AngularJS project.
  • Building your first Ionic mobile app.
  • Basic UI components provided by Ionic.
  • How Ionic and AngularJS fit together.

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