Even More HTML5

HTML5 has been finalized but the spec is so big, browser makers have been slow to implement all the features. Still, several new (and useful) things have been making their way into the latest builds of FireFox and Chrome (and those other guys too) that are worth noting. Maybe you can stop relying on so many third-part libraries now. Maybe things that required hacks in CSS before can now be done easily.  Let's find out!
Target Audience: Front-end developers who are familiar with the "basics" of HTML5 and would like to see what other features HTML5 are mature enough to start using in web applications. Attendees should have prior experience with HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript.
Assumed Knowledge: This talk assumes the audience is very comfortable with modern HTML and basic JavaScript concepts such as variables, functions, scopes and callbacks.
Main takeaways:
  1. New JavaScript constructs - const, let, other ES6 features and more!
  2. Custom Events in JavaScript
  3. New CSS3 constructs - counter, unset, and more!
  4. Skip Less or Sass and just drive straight into CSS3 with post-processing.

[Slide Deck and Code Samples]