Everything You Wanted to Know About Custom Tags But Were Afraid To Ask

CFML Custom Tags have been in the language for decades, and can be a great building block for many facets of application development. They look like CFIncludes but are much safer and behave more closely to traditional constructs such as functions.

Custom Tags can be combined, nested, collected into reusable libraries that can be shared across projects ensuring a consistent and modular user interface. They can even be built with CFCs, giving you object oriented power as well!

In this presentation we'll quickly go over some fundamentals of how Custom Tags work, then we'll build upon that knowledge showing some of their more advanced features and how Custom Tags are useful in larger real world applications. We'll look at several code samples in which Custom Tags are providing a lot of help, and discuss some pros and cons to their usage as well.

Target Audience: CFML Developers that are new to Custom Tags, or would like a refresher on the various ways they can be used in software development.

Assumed Knowledge: Attendees should have a decent understanding of CFML and basic software development constructs such as variable scope, function arguments, and why code reuse is important in programming.

Main Takeaways:

  • CFML Custom Tag fundamentals
  • Using nested Custom Tags
  • Passing data in and out of Custom Tags
  • Creating and reusing tag libraries
  • Tag Islands
  • Building Custom Tags with CFCs
  • Pros and cons