HTML5 201

By now we're all familiar with the basics of HTML5 -- new tags for sections of a web page, new form elements, and so on. Now that the spec is finalized, let's take a look at some of the other new features HTML5 has made available to us. In this talk we'll go over things like File IO, audio, video, and SVG support, and show you various new features that are already baked into current web browsers. We'll also show some code samples on how to use them in a modern web application.

Target Audience: Front-end developers who are familiar with the "basics" of HTML5 and would like to see what other features HTML5 are mature enough to start using in web applications. Attendees should have prior experience with HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript.

Assumed Knowledge: This talk assumes the audience is very comfortable with modern HTML and basic JavaScript concepts such as variables, functions, and callbacks (though we will briefly explain callbacks as part of the discussion).

Main points:

  • Audio and Video support in HTML5
  • Basic and intermediate uses of SVG
  • File IO
  • Data Sets
  • Custom Elements
  • Other miscellaneous features in HTML5

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