I'm Still Scared of Aspect Oriented Programming!

So you’ve figured out what Model View Controllers do, and even wrapped your head around using Dependency Injection for bean management. Excellent! But that pesky Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) layer is still a complete mystery! It’s not that bad, I promise. And in this talk we’ll go over the basics of what AOP does, plus show you some ways to implement it in your applications. There are several AOP libraries available in CFML -- you can use any of them in your existing applications, without needing to do a complete rewrite of your code. Let’s learn how!

Target Audience: Developers familiar with basic OOP concepts such as classes and inheritance but haven’t quite wrapped their heads around when to use Aspect Oriented Programming in practice. This talk is for CFML developers of all skill levels and requires no experience with any specific MVC framework. All of the concepts discussed will work in any ColdFusion application that uses CFCs.

Assumed Knowledge: Attendees should have a good understanding of how to use CFCs and the encapsulation benefits they provide. We’ll also assume the audience understands the benefits of concepts such as writing modular code, scoping variables to specific methods, and similar best practices.  No previous experience with any MVC or Dependency Injection library will be required.

Main takeaways:

  • Just what the neck is AOP anyway?
  • What are some real world places to use AOP in my code?
  • How to implement AOP in my applications.
  • A comparison of AOP libraries such as WireBox and AOP/1.