Infinite Scrolling With Mura 7

Pagination is boring! Let’s add infinite scrolling to our site ala Facebook and Twitter! Mura 7 added several new features that can be combined to do just that. In this session we’ll look at some functions in the new m() scope in Mura 7, new functionality in Display Objects, and how to manipulate them on the client-side at run-time. Then we’ll combine all of this together to show you how to build Infinite Scrolling into your own Mura website.

Description of target audience: Developers looking to take advantage of new Mura 7 functionality in their custom theme development.

Assumed knowledge for the topic: Attendees should understand current JavaScript (jQuery, events, and promises) as well as a basic understanding of Display Objects in Mura.

Main takeaways:

  1. New features in the Mura m() scope.
  2. Passing parameters to and from Display Objects.
  3. Rendering multiple copies of the same Display Object on a page.
  4. Using JavaScript events to trigger Mura Display Objects.
  5. Combining it all together to build real-world functionality into a Mura website.

Slide Deck and Code Samples