JavaScript 201

So you've learned the basics of JavaScript (and programming in general) – variables, if/else statements, loops, and you even know how to use functions. Now what? The “next steps” are often the first places things start to get confusing – DOM manipulation, event listeners, “this”, classes, object literals, JSON, and so on. We'll discuss these steps, and how you can start using them in your JavaScript applications. We'll also go over the basics of Object Oriented Programming within JavaScript, and some ways in which it differs from other OO languages.

Target Audience:

People who understand the basics of programming (either in JavaScript or another language) and wait to see where to go from here. If you're more likely to copy/paste “complex” JavaScript from other sources rather than write your own, perhaps this is the talk for you, to help shed some light on what the more advanced JavaScript concepts are all about. Assumed Knowledge: For this talk we'll assume you know the basics of programming – variables, if/else statements, looping and function calls. We'll also assume you know what the HTML event hooks (onMouseOver, onMouseOut, etc) are for (though we'll show you cleaner approaches to do the same things).

Main takeaways:

* Separation of concerns – keeping JavaScript and HTML apart but working together
* What does “this” do anyway?
* Basics of Classes and Objects in JavaScript
* What's an Object Literal and what does JSON have to do with all of this?
* A few other highlights of how to do basic OO programming in JavaScript