Mura ORM + Feed API = Awesomeness

Two of the most powerful features in Mura 7 are the improvements made to Mura ORM and the Feed API. Mura ORM takes care of your CRUD-type operations, plus manages changes to the database tables as you’re developing. The Feed API can be used to write advanced filters, reports, and other queries. Between these 2 features you almost never have to write a SQL statement again!  We’ll start by looking at some basic examples of how to use ORM and Feed API, and we’ll also look at some real-world examples of using both of these in your custom Mura development.

Description of target audience: Back-end Developers looking to take advantage of new Mura 7 functionality in their custom theme development.

Assumed knowledge for the topic: Attendees should have a basic understanding of Object-Oriented development and how it pertains to CFML. Experience with creating and using CF Components and basic CRUD database operations will be extremely helpful.

Main takeaways:

  1. Basics of using Mura ORM for better database development.
  2. Basics of using the new Mura 7 Feed API.
  3. Building various things with the Mura Feed API.
  4. Combining it all together to build real-world functionality into a Mura website.

Slide Deck and Code Samples