Real World ColdBox App Architecture

Hi, I'm Nolan. My team is building a brand new ColdBox 6 app from scratch. We're using Docker, AWS, CommandBox, GitHub Actions, several modules from ForgeBox, Bash scripts, and Alpine.js. And ya know what? This tech tech may very well become the new base line on which I start all future projects.

We've seen "hello world" demos of various Box products before. Let's take that to the next level, and show you what can really be done when you combine several Box products and some other great tools to build a really solid foundation that's scalable, testable, easy for new developers to learn, and provides a ton of code reuse.

In this talk we'll walk thru the FuSE web application my team is currently building. We'll go over all the modules we use from ForgeBox and why we use them. We'll look at our cloud architecture, how we push code up to AWS, how we test, and more!


Highlights include

cbSecurity, awscfml, cbValidation, GitHub Actions, AWS App Runner, TestBox, Cypress, among others.


Target Audience

Anyone looking for inspiration on what all can be done when you embrace the Box ecosystem, but delivered via someone not employed by Ortus Solutions. :)