Real World Scenarios For Modern CFML

The recent versions of ColdFusion have added many new language features. We’ve now got closures, functional programming constructs, QueryExecute, the safe navigation operator, the Elvis operator, and even more coming in future releases.  For people new to functional programming or object oriented programming, it can be hard to see where these features can be beneficial.  Let’s fix that!

In this talk we’ll discuss many of the new language enhancements in CFML. But rather than stopping with an “x = 1” example, we’ll look at blocks of code that are more real-world in nature.  The code demos will all be based on scenarios you’ll run across in your daily development. That's right, we'll run real live code!  You'll get to see these language features in action, right before your very eyes!

Main takeaways:

* Closures and when to use them
* Member functions
* The Elvis operator vs ternary operator vs safe navigation operator
* Functional programming: filter, map, reduce.
* QueryExecute instead of CFQuery tags
* New language features coming in ColdFusion 2018
* Real world situations when you’ll want to use these
* Some best practices
* Other resources

Target audience:

CFML developers that are looking to learn more about the features recently added to the language, and how to apply them in current development projects.  Attendees should already be comfortable with the CFML language and concepts such as arrays, queries, variable scoping, and anonymous functions.