What's New in Bootstrap 4?

Bootstrap has evolved tons! Version 4.2.1 is out now with new classes for grid layout options, accessibility, spinners, iOS style switches, font utilities and tons more. If you’re using Bootstrap for just 3-column layouts you’re missing out! Come learn about other features in the latest version and ways it can improve your app!

Target Audience: Web/mobile developers wanting to gain familiarity with Bootstrap 4.2.1. Some prior knowledge of Bootstrap or similar CSS frameworks will be helpful but not required.

Assumed Knowledge: Working knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. Some experience with JavaScript will be helpful as well. No experience with a server-side technology is required.

Main takeaways:

  • How to install and start using Bootstrap 4.
  • An updated look at the grid layout used heavily in Bootstrap projects.
  • A fresh look at new features added to Bootstrap, bug fixes, accessibility and other improvements made in recent versions.
  • Differences in Bootstrap 3 and 4, what changed between the versions.
  • Modules
  • Plans for future versions.