Writing a Mura Plugin With FW/1

You can literally write a Mura plugin using any flavor of ColdFusion you want (Model-Glue, spaghetti code, whatever). However there are some benefits to doing so using FW/1. Mura provides a connector plugin for FW/1 making this process easier. We'll look at how to install and configure the FW/1 Connector plugin, and we'll even write some code, integrating the plugin into both the front-end of a site as well as the Mura Admin.

Description of Target Audience: Mura developers looking to extend functionality in Mura via a plugin.

Assumed knowledge for the topic: Some familiarity with Mura and the basics of how to use FW/1.

Objective for the topic: Attendees will walk away with the knowledge of how to build a FW/1 plugin that talks to both the front and back ends of a Mura website.

Main takeaways:

  • Where to start -- a first look at the Connector plugin.
  • How to install a plugin into Mura and get started writing code.
  • How to configure the FW/1 Connector, and some new settings specific to integrating FW/1 with Mura
  • Attaching the plugin to the Mura Admin
  • Attaching the plugin to the front-end of a Mura site (i.e. via Display Objects).