jQuery has become ubiquitous with modern web development. It makes many common JavaScript tasks much easier, provides cross-browser support and that’s only the beginning. After the basics, jQuery can also be used to easily add animation, asynchronous functionality (Ajax) and more to your projects.  This class will start with installing and and using jQuery basics, then we’ll get into integrating jQuery into your HTML forms, adding animations and other effects to your websites, as well as installing and using plugins and some jQuery best practices.

  • Getting Started
    • How does jQuery integrate with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Installing jQuery
    • How to start using jQuery
  • Working with HTML
    • Using CSS selectors
    • Using jQuery custom selectors
    • Performing tasks on page load
  • Events
    • Simple events
    • Compound events
  • Working with AJAX and APIs
    • Appending HTML
    • Passing data to and from the server
    • Processing and validating forms
  • Handling asynchronous objects
  • Working with promises
  • Styling and animation
    • Hide and show
    • Effects
    • Fading in and out
    • Sliding up and down
    • Compound effects
  • Using plugins
  • Best practices


  • Previous experience with HTML and CSS is very helpful.
  • Prior experience with any programming language is recommended (JavaScript, PHP, Java, etc)

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