SQL Scripting

Whether you're a web developer using PHP/ColdFusion/Java, or an analyst looking for better reports out of your database, understanding SQL Scripting is an invaluable tool.  This class goes through the basics of what is a database (and how it differs from a spreadsheet like Excel), how data is organized, and then expands into the different basic tools available in SQL for building reports.  We'll also cover joining data together, adding, updating and deleting records, and a few other tricks as well!

  1. Brief "What is SQL?" introduction.
  2. Basics of a Database Table
    • Rows and Columns
    • Different data types, when to store data as text, date, numbers, etc
    • Primary keys
    • Foreign keys
  3. Basic reporting using SELECT statements
    • WHERE clauses
    • Column aliases with the "AS" operator
    • Fuzzy searching using the LIKE operator
    • Sorting your data alphabetically, by date, or numerically
  4. Built-in Functions
    • Math functions
    • SQR, SUM, and doing math computations on your reports
    • String functions
  5. Combining data from different tables
    • One to many relationships
    • Many to many relationships
    • INNER JOIN statements
    • LEFT OUTER JOIN statements
  6. More Advanced techniques
    • Sub-queries
    • Nested queries
    • UNION statements
    • Temp tables
    • Views
  7. Aggregate Functions
    • SUM, COUNT, MIN and MAX statements
    • GROUP BY clauses

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