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November 29, 2016
New Mura CMS Plugin - MuraGoogleNewsSitemaps

A few years ago Grant Shepert / Meld Solutions wrote the Meld-Google-Sitemaps plugin, for generating Google Sitemap XML files for Mura websites.  With Grant’s permission, I forked that project and wrote MuraGoogleNewsSitemaps for generating Google News Sitemap XML files (per Google, this is the XML file that stores only new “newsworthy” content added to the site within the last 48 hours).  You can find more info about the spec here and here.

November 29, 2016
Deleting Extended Attributes in MuraCMS

I’ve been working on some Mura plugins (more on that later), and a common thing that plugins do is create new Extended Attributes for a Page in a Mura site.  Mura being “non-destructive by design”, when you uninstall a plugin, the Extended Attributes don’t get deleted when the plugin goes away.  So if you’re (as I was) developing a plugin, and changing the names of Attributes, reinstalling, over and over, you can send up with “dangling” Extended Attributes on a Page that you’ll never use, are named wrong, could cause other problems, might be duplicates of other Attributes, etc.

November 25, 2016
Getting Started With The Mura 7 Feed API

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the new Mura 7 Feed API lately and have found it very useful.  It’s an easy way to get a custom query (or Mura Iterator) of different groups of content in the site.  I’ve been using the Feed API to build various Display Objects in Mura — e.g. a list of the 3 most recent articles published.  On a particularly larger site, I’ve had to build a few reports for the Content Manager, so they can filter out duplicate content, old entries, content that’s missing some data, etc.  

October 23, 2016
CFCamp Notes: Lucee Keynote, Gert Franz and Michael Offner-Streit

Lucee 5 took 4 years
too long

OSGI - jar file support is better
everything is an extension, very small core
if you don’t need PDF, or CF Admin or whatever, just don’t install that extension
keeps core small

October 18, 2016
My CF Camp Schedule

In a little while I’m getting on the train from Frankfurt to Munich for CF Camp. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, learning about a zillion new things. Here’s my attempt at a schedule for the week:

October 17, 2016
Speaking at CF Camp

Apparently I didn’t get enough excitement from CF Summit in Las Vegas.  I’m now in Germany getting ready to speak at CF Camp!

October 17, 2016
ColdFusion Summit Notes: Become a Security Rockstar with ColdFusion 2016, David Epler

Server update process -
always apply and test on development and test/staging env’s first
update as quickly and reasonably as possible

Notification of updates is the best place

October 17, 2016
ColdFusion Summit Notes: Testing Automation, Luis Majano

Most companies - do a little bit of tests, claim it’s automated, but in reality the test plan is pretty bad

why people don’t test
think they’re too busy
“you don’t have time to test, you need to deliver now”
sometimes it’s comfort - don’t feel comfortable applying testing methodologies
- it’s new
- new learned behavior

October 17, 2016
ColdFusion Summit Notes: API Economy - Realizing The Business Value of APIs Through Adobe API Management - Elishia Dvorak

How to Monetize your API?
Analytics, expose the metrics
Charge customers by the metrics that we get
Can do it by Access Control
— list of services, expose just the access that the customer needs

October 17, 2016
ColdFusion Summit Notes: Where is ColdFusion headed? - Rakshith Naresh

Been hearing “is CF still alive?” for at least 10 years

“ColdFusion is the best undead language ever.”

(Not all these features are guaranteed to be in CF next)