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September 29, 2018
WordCamp Notes: Leverage Linting To Be A Better Developer - Matt Vanderpol

code quality tool

4 main components

1. the code
2. rules - describe what the code should look like when everything is working well
3. process - a program that runs, pulls in the rules, analyzes the code, figures out where it does NOT match the rules
4. reports - when the process is done, you need a way to see the output, where your code does not match, where the problems are that you need to address

September 26, 2018
WordCamp Sacramento 2018 Recap

Two weeks ago was WordCamp Sacramento 2018.  I’ve spoken there before but haven’t been able to attend in the last couple of years due to scheduling conflicts.   I was actually scheduled to teach an HTML/CSS workshop in San Francisco on the same weekend this year but the client had a conflict of their own and had to cancel, so off to WordCamp I went!

September 4, 2018
Upcoming HTML5 Training Classes in San Francisco

Attention San Francisco Bay Area folks! Who wants to learn how to make web pages?! We’re partnering with the Bay Area Video Coalition and teaching both Beginner and Intermediate HTML5 classes in San Francisco this fall.

August 21, 2018
SacInteractive - Static Website Hosting on AWS

On Wednesday September 19 at SacInteractive we have Dave Jones coming to give his talk "Static Website Hosting on AWS".

June 18, 2018
Speaking at SacInteractive: The Modern World of ColdFusion + CFML

This Wednesday I'll be speaking at SacInteractive, giving a talk we're calling "The Modern World of ColdFusion + CFML".  As anyone that was at Into The Box 2018 knows, modern CFML and tooling rivals other modern languages (even beating them in some areas of functionality).  This talk will be an intro to CFML, CommandBox, and related tooling, showing non-CFML developers that writing ColdFusion in 2018 has all the same perks, language features, and other benefits of JavaScript, Node, and whatever else the "cool kids" are using. 

April 29, 2018
Into The Box 2018 Recap

As is customary these days, I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight, so now I shall write up my thoughts on the latest conference. :)

Into The Box 2018 wrapped up last night, and was a huge success! Attendance has grown since last year, most pre-conference workshops were sold out, and all the regular sessions were streamed on line. Congrats to Luis and his team for all the success — their hard work is clearly paying off!

April 29, 2018
Into The Box Notes: Integrating MVC Into Legacy - Brad Wood

the state of your app
what does it currently look like?
is it partially converted to ColdBox?
what are your goals?
are you looking for new features?
better support on a newer version of CF?

April 29, 2018
Into The Box Notes: ColdBox HMVC 5 - Luis Majano

software is always bound to change
we must be ready to adapt

not getting out of “legacy hell” is what gives CFML a bad name
running on a deprecated environment
nobody wants to work that way
too many old CF engines still in use

April 29, 2018
Into The Box Notes: GET /cfml - Matthew Clemente
list of APIs available

we use APIs so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel

April 29, 2018
Into The Box Notes: Thinking Modularly - Brad Wood

what’s a package?
1. a folder
2. box.json file
3. some code

doesn’t have to be a full blown app.
could be a single UDF, an entire CMS, something in between, etc.

April 29, 2018
Into The Box Notes: Building Progressive Web Apps - Raymond Camden

“Building Progressive Web Apps”
by Tal Ater
Buy this book!

What’s a PWA?
Progressive Web App
all about building features that don’t break in older browsers

April 22, 2018
My Into The Box 2018 Schedule

Plane ticket, check. Hotel, check. Into The Box 2018 is this week. As I mentioned in “Five Things To Know About Into The Box 2018” that was my favorite CFML event of 2017, and the 2018 conference looks to be about the same.  As usual, with so much great content, I’m having a hard time deciding where to spend my time. A lot of it came down to info in the session descriptions — thank you to all the speakers that provide detailed info, making it easy to tell what I’ll learn from your sessions!

April 19, 2018
Five Things To Know About Into The Box 2018

Into The Box 2018 is next week in Houston, TX! Are you coming? You really should!

April 7, 2018
MuraCon 2018 Recap

MuraCon 2018 wrapped up last night. Did you miss it? Did you skip it because you don’t use Mura CMS? Big mistake! :)  As I  mentioned in “5 Things to Know About MuraCon 2018” most of the content was not Mura specific, and the entire conference was packed with great information.

April 1, 2018
My MuraCon 2018 Schedule

This week is MuraCon 2018, right here in sunny Sacramento.  I’m not speaking this year but will be in attendance checking out everything that’s going on.  Last year the sessions were recorded, I’m hoping they are this year as well. There were some seriously difficult choices but this is my best guess as to where you’ll be able to find me:

March 25, 2018
JazzCon Notes: How I Cut My Working Hours in Half and Somehow Managed to Get More Done, Jason Lengstorf

Jason’s end-of-the-day keynote (did you know that was a thing?) was one of the best takeaways from JazzCon. His first-hand stories and experiences with being a workaholic, and the fallout that results was extremely easy to relate to, and struck a chord with many people in the audience, including myself. Whether you’re a software developer, marking rep, or in any other career that’s stressful and often comes with long, chaotic hours, you’ll get a lot of value from listening to what Jason has to say on this topic.

March 25, 2018
JazzCon Notes: Going Beyond "Good Enough" Documentation, Hannah Joy Lehman


3 things:
1. enable to be more effective w/ docs
2. enable you to hate writing documentation LESS (not fall in love with it necessarily)
3. use docs in a way that allows you to focus more on your code

March 24, 2018
JazzCon 2018 Recap

I’m at the NOLA airport, waiting for my flight home. I’ve spent the last 2 days hearing great music, having stellar conversation after conversation with some truly awesome people, and actually learning a few things too.  JazzCon 2018 was well worth the trip!

March 19, 2018
Full Stack Developer Training in San Francisco: JavaScript, SQL, Node.js and Angular

We’re partnering with the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco again to offer a handful of training classes later this summer!  Over a few weekends this summer, you can a great introduction to modern full stack web development! Starting in May we’re teaching an intro to JavaScript, then SQL Scripting, and moving on to the buzzwords du jour: Node.js and Angular to round out the series.  The complete schedule is like so:

March 19, 2018
My JazzCon.Tech 2018 Schedule

This week is JazzCon.Tech in lovely New Orleans!  I’m giving updated versions of my talks “FontAwesome: Never Build Icons Again” and “Crash Course in Ionic + AngularJS”.  Judging by the list of other sessions, the rest of the time I’ll be busy frantically typing as many notes as I can and trying to follow along — the list of sessions is truly impressive! Lots of great content covering a variety of current technologies.