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My JazzCon.Tech 2018 Schedule

This week is JazzCon.Tech in lovely New Orleans!  I’m giving updated versions of my talks “FontAwesome: Never Build Icons Again” and “Crash Course in Ionic + AngularJS”.  Judging by the list of other sessions, the rest of the time I’ll be busy frantically typing as many notes as I can and trying to follow along — the list of sessions is truly impressive! Lots of great content covering a variety of current technologies.  

It’s so hard to pick which sessions to go to, but if I don’t plan it out somewhat, I’ll just wander the hallways aimlessly.  Here’s my best guess as to where you can find me:

Thursday —

9:00 -  It's Spelled 'Accessibility', not 'Disability’, Scott Davis
10:00 — SPEAKING:  Font Awesome - Never Build Icons Again, Nolan Erck
11:00 —  From Bootstrap to CSS Grid, Natalya Shelburne OR ngUpgrade, Dustin Goodman
12:00 — Lunch!
1:00 — SPEAKING: Crash Course in Ionic + AngularJS, Nolan Erck
2:30 —  Block__Element--Magic: CSS Modularity for the masses, Chris DeMars OR Leveraging the Angular CLI - from development to production, Raju Gandhi
3:30 — Connecting the Dots: How Angular Components Work Together, Scott McAllister
4:40 —  How I Cut My Working Hours in Half and Somehow Managed to Get More Done, Jason Lengstorf
5:10 — Reception

Friday —

9:00 —  History of the Web, George Mauer
10:00 —  Serverless JavaScript OMG, Burke Holland OR  Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron, David Neal
11:00 —  Reactive Animations using Angular, Gerard Sans OR  StencilJS and Universal Components, Michael Hartington
12:00 — Lunch!
1:00 —  Reactive Programming with Observables, Purnima Nagpal OR  Micro SPA Architecture, Jessica Kennedy
2:30 —  Front-End Performance Still Matters, Sia Karamalegos OR Going Beyond "Good Enough" Documentation, Hannah Joy Lehman
3:30 —  Wicked Fast Mobile Web, Abraham Williams and Pearl Latteier OR Refactoring for Progressive Web Apps, Erica Stanley OR Rescuing Legacy UIs: How IBM Is Putting Performance First, Rizchel Dayao
4:30 —  Leadership for the Reluctant Leader, David Neal
5:30 — Networking after party

Phew, that was hard.  Thank you to the speakers that listed where they are from in their bios — I’m hoping all you fine North Carolina folks will also be presenting at NCDevCon this year so I can catch some talks I’m unable to schedule.

This is my first time in New Orleans; in addition to checking out all the amazing speakers and content at JazzCon.Tech, I’m looking forward to wandering around the city and eating as much great food as possible after the conference.  Recommendations on places near-ish the hotel to grab seafood are welcome. :)

There are still some tickets left if you’d like to attend.  You can register for JazzCon.Tech here.

Hope to see you at the conference!