Speaking at ColdFusion Summit 2021

October 12, 2021

It's official -- I'm speaking at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2021!  It's been way too long, I'm looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces, even if it's just virtually. :) The CF Summit this year is virtual (stupid Covid) but looks to be a great event with some excellent speakers lined up!

I'll be giving a newer talk titled "CFML Design Patterns and Uses". If you've built a few CFCs but have never felt comfortable using Design Patterns of any sort, this talk is for you. It doesn't always require a zillion CFCs linked together in order to obtain some benefits of Object Oriented Programming. Often you can get some nice functionality just by using a few components linked together in a certain way. We'll go over a handful of patterns that are available in any CFML application -- no 3rd party libraries required -- and can be easily added to your codebase.

As you may know, one of my pet peeves from presentations is when the demos are nothing but "test code" -- code that just draws the word "test" on the screen over and over. That's not helpful to the audience! There won't be any "test code" in these demos. Everything we discuss will include something closer to a real world example of when each Design Pattern might be beneficial to use. But since I'm the one writing the code, you'll probably also get a heavy dose of pop culture references included as well. Consider it a bonus. ;)

Registration is FREE! And with it being a virtual conference, no travel expenses exist either. There's really no reason not to attend CF Summit this year. Hope to see you there!