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Speaking at NCDevCon 2017

The registration form has been completed and the “Speaking Engagements” pod on my website has been updated, I guess that makes it official: I’m speaking at NCDevCon next month in North Carolina.

I’ll be giving 2 talks at the conference this year.  First is my (surprisingly) often-selected “Best Practices Are Best, Except When They're Not”.  About 20% of this is CFML-specific; the rest is general enough for any software developers.  Every software developer has written code they’d rather forget, or broken the rules at some point.  This talk surrounds several stories about times I’ve had to do just that for different client projects.  Not everything goes “by the book” as much we’d like; I’ll share some of the times I’ve had to break the rules to keep customers happy.

I’ll also be giving a revamped version of my talk “Even More HTML5”.  The HTML5 spec has been approved for a while now, but many of the features still aren’t supported in all the modern web browsers.  But some are! We’ll go over various HTML5 things that work across all the main web browsers today, and will show how to implement them using nothing but HTML5 tags and plain JavaScript, no extra libraries, no jQuery, etc.

You can register for NCDevCon here.  It really is one of the best values among tech conferences these days.  For a mere 200 bucks you get 2 full days of great content (across 5 tracks), and it’s over a weekend so there’s no need to use PTO to attend.  I’ve attended and spoken at NCDevCon several times; it’s always worth the price and is a great use of my weekend.

Hope to see you there!