Upcoming HTML and CSS Training in San Francisco

January 04, 2019

South of Shasta is partnering with the Bay Area Video Coalition again and offering 2 updated HTML/CSS classes for 2019.

Both classes are 2-day workshops in San Francisco at the BAVC offices. We’ve got “HTML and CSS Fundamentals” and a more advanced “Intermediate HTML and CSS” class that expands on what’s covered in the first class.

The “Fundamentals” class starts at the very beginning and is perfect for people brand new to web development and need a place to start. No prior coding experience is required!

The “Intermediate” class builds on the fundamentals and covers current HTML and CSS topics used in real world development. We’ll go over media queries, responsive design, accessibility, CSS Grid, Flexbox, tips for debugging and so on.

Dates are like so:

HTML and CSS Fundamentals: February 8-9 or April 19-20
Intermediate HTML and CSS: March 29-30 or May 17-18

Each class is capped at a max of 10 students.  Each class is also very hands-on and offers lots of time for questions, discussions about real world web development and is geared toward getting students ready to look for work via part of the BAVC training and certification programs.

And again, all the classes are on site in San Francisco at the BAVC office.

Contact us with any questions or to sign up!