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September 25, 2019
My ColdFusion Summit 2019 Schedule

Next week is the ColdFusion Summit 2019. As always it’s being held in Las Vegas. New this year is the location (The Mirage) and the previously mentioned new ColdFusion Certification Training! And of course a ton of new sessions from a variety of speakers. Way too much variety. Seriously, picking what sessions to attend took more brainpower than I was prepared for.

September 24, 2019
The New Adobe ColdFusion Certification Training

Now that the videos are live, people have signed up, and all the wheels are in motion, I’m officially allowed to talk about it:

There is a new Adobe ColdFusion Certification program available!

September 19, 2019
My WordCamp 2019 Sacramento Schedule

This weekend I’ll be at WordCamp Sacramento 2019.

“Hey Nolan, I didn’t know you’re a WordPress developer?!”.

While we’ve done some WordPress and PHP apps for clients over the years, that’s not really the reason I’ll be at this conference. Take a look at their schedule: 3 tracks, only one of which is WordPress specific. Nearly everything else is pretty general, modern web development. Plus it’s over a weekend so no time off work, and tickets were a mere 40 bucks. Also, it’s local — no hotels, no flights.

July 29, 2019
Speaking at CF Camp 2019

The sessions have been announced, I’m officially allowed to talk about it now: I’ll be speaking at CF Camp 2019 in Munich Germany later this year!

This is the tenth CF Camp and the plan is to make this the best CF Camp yet, and celebrating the 10th anniversary. Based on the session list, I think they’ve succeeded!  My biggest challenge will be figuring out which sessions to attend — there are a bunch of excellent speakers and topics to pick from!

May 31, 2019
What I Listen To While Coding

It’s Friday morning, time for a more light hearted blog entry. Plus, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged anything except conference related things. :) Several folks lately have been discussing what they listen to while coding, I thought I’d jump into the fun.

May 9, 2019
Into The Box 2019 Recap

Last week was the Into The Box 2019 conference in Houston TX. Did you miss it? Do you write CFML for a living? Big mistake! ;)

May 8, 2019
Into The Box 2019 Notes: CacheBox + LogBox 101, Brad Wood

Docs for anything are here:

Can still apply /most/ of this to anything CFML, not just ColdBox apps

May 8, 2019
Into The Box 2019 Notes: Serverless CFML on AWS Lambda, Pete Freitag

Lambda - function that runs in AWS

needs something to “trigger” to make the function run

What triggers does Lambda support?
http request - api gateway, app load balancer
s3 event - when a file is uploaded to a bucket
SQS - queue message. “when an order comes into my app”, etc.
AWS will auto-involve the Lambda to process the msg for you.

April 29, 2019
My Into The Box 2019 Schedule

Into The Box 2019 is this week! It’s pretty much THE conference for cutting edge CFML development, as you’ve heard me say repeatedly by now. :) Do you write CFML as part of your job? Still think it’s a “dead language”? This is the conference that easily proves that rumor incorrect.  I’ll be giving 2 presentations — one on “CommandBox vs Node”, and due to a last minute schedule change I’m now also presenting “Real World Scenarios for Modern CFML”. This will be an updated version of the talk I gave at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas in 2018.

April 22, 2019
Five Reasons to Attend Into The Box 2019

Into The Box 2019 is next week! As you may have seen in my previous post I’m one of the speakers, and am giving a talk comparing CommandBox to Node.js. But really that’s a very minor thing happening at the conference. There are tons of more significant reasons you should be attending this event. Such as…

April 18, 2019
Speaking at Into The Box 2019

Fresh off the heels of the Adobe ColdFusion Summit East, and it’s already time to get ready for another conference!  At the beginning of I’ll be speaking at Into The Box 2019 in Houston TX!

April 13, 2019
ColdFusion Summit East 2019 Recap

I walked in the front door at about 2am on Thursday morning and am not moving at the fastest pace today, but that’s because the ColdFusion Summit East 2019 was a big success! (Other than one of my thumb drives walking off anyway. :) )

April 11, 2019
ColdFusion Summit East Notes: Securing Mature CFML Codebases, Pete Freitag

even the wealthiest, biggest companies have security issues
not a good idea to ignore them

mature codebase -
has thousands of source code files
has code you hope you don’t have to see again
can take weeks, often months, of work to properly secure
can be hard to fix, brittle
probably uses outdated techniques

April 11, 2019
ColdFusion Summit East Notes: CF + ReactJS, Minh Vo

(Minh’s talk was a stellar intro to ReactJS, and how easy it is to start using. He showed just enough of a video game prototype to show how to build a real world app with it, but the demo wasn’t so big as to get the audience lost. His code samples where clear and he explained the sections very well. I didn’t take a ton of notes because I got sucked into watching the demos, but here are a few takeaways from his preso.)

“Getting to the moon is not an extension of climbing a tree”
exploring more all the time

April 11, 2019
ColdFusion Summit East Notes: Refreshing Your UI - Modern Uses for WebSockets, Giancarlo Gomez

what websockets are -
full-dpluex communication channels over a single TCP connection
bi-directional communication between client and server
little overhead
very little latency
event driven web programming, not just user initiated
can communicate with any # of them at any given time

April 11, 2019
ColdFusion Summit East Notes: Faster Queries in ColdFusion and SQL Server, Eric Cobb

All tips work on SQL 2005 and up

Public Stack Overflow Database
powered by SQL server
Stack Overflow periodically make copies of their DB for people to use in presentations!
Good free data set to play with for demos, etc.

April 8, 2019
Speaking at Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2019

It’s conference season again! Tomorrow morning I jump on a plane to DC for the Adobe ColdFusion Summit East. I’ll be teaching the “Angular + CFML Workshop" on Tuesday. This is an updated version of the workshop Carl Von Stetten and I taught at the Las Vegas conference last year.  There are still a few spots available; if you’re attending the conference and would like to be in the Angular+CFML workshop you can register for it here.

February 21, 2019
ColdFusion Roadshow Notes

Kishore and Elishia from the ColdFusion team came to San Francisco and shared a bunch of new info about the state of ColdFusion, upcoming plans from Adobe and other interesting goodies.

70% of fortune 100 cos are still using ColdFusion
it’s part of their tech stack

Fortune 500 - around 63% use CF

January 4, 2019
Upcoming HTML and CSS Training in San Francisco

South of Shasta is partnering with the Bay Area Video Coalition again and offering 2 updated HTML/CSS classes for 2019. Both classes are 2-day workshops in San Francisco at the BAVC offices. We’ve got “HTML and CSS Fundamentals” and a more advanced “Intermediate HTML and CSS” class that expands on what’s covered in the first class.

January 4, 2019
New Legacy to MVC CFML Training Course Available

In 2017 at the ColdFusion Summit, Carl Von Stetten and I ran a workshop for people looking to convert their legacy CFML applications into a modern MVC framework.  That particular workshop focused on moving from legacy CFML into Framework-1.  South of Shasta now has a variation of that workshop with 2 options: moving to either Framework-1 or ColdBox!