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January 14, 2014
Presenting on Bootstrap tonight
Just a quick note to let people know I'll be speaking on Bootstrap tonight at SacInteractive. Details are available at Of course everyone is welcome to attend! This will be an "intro" talk, covering Bootstrap 2 and 3, and some of t....
December 24, 2013
Top CDs of 2013
It's that time of year where I nerd out over the CDs purchased in the last 12 months and pick my favorites. I spent a big portion of this year stuck in some sort of 90's-post-hardcore fixation (mostly purchasing things like old Jawbreaker and Helmet albums), but to my surprise I did end up buying a....
November 12, 2013
Tonight at SacInteractive: jQuery, LESS, Bootstrap and AngularJS!
Tonight at SacInteractive we're doing things a little differently... Hacker Lab (our illustrious hosts) are doing a "Hacker Startup Weekend" soon. In preparation for that Seth and I are giving a series of rapid-fire "things you need to know" talks tonight, to get people either a) up to speed for ....
October 29, 2013
CF Summit notes - Know SQL? Try NoSQL, Dan Wilson
(Dan is always a great speaker. He's engaging, and delivers his talks with the right combination of humor and information to keep everyone interesting during the entire session.) Know SQL? Try NoSQL - Dan Wilson Sharding -- not supported on RDMS Sharding = put ....
October 29, 2013
CF Summit - ORM Games, Steve Rittler
ORM GAMES -- Steve Rittler diagnosing and debugging-- don't change this stuff in Prod! the log files that are generated by this, tend to balloon very quickly. also a resource drain files to modify application.cfc and /cf10/{server}/lib....
October 29, 2013
CF Summit notes - Application Security Part 2, Jason Dean
Application Security Part 2 - Jason Dean SSL is old school we use TLS now for secure browser stuff cfScriptProtect is a waste of time, don't use it ALWAYS use Hash() when working with passwords xss - the most prevailing vulnerability in web apps today
October 29, 2013
CF Summit notes - Open Yourself to Closures, Adam Tuttle
(I've seen Adam give several talks at different conferences. He always does a great job of delivering the info with both ColdFusion examples as well as info on how to apply the concepts to other platforms if need be. This talk was no exception. ) Open Yourself to Closures - A....
October 29, 2013
CF Summit notes - What's New and Different About ColdFusion 10 on Tomcat, Charlie Arehart
What's New and Different About ColdFusion 10 on Tomcat - Charlie Arehart CF10 runs on TomCat, not JRun like previous versions of cf mostly transparent. no real noticeable changes for most people also, you CAN deploy ON TomCat where you install TomCat yourself, th....
October 29, 2013
CF Summit notes - Java Integration, Dave Gallerizzo
Dave's talk was fascinating! He really knows his stuff, and I found myself getting sucked into watching the code samples and just listening to him, so I didn't end up taking very many notes. But here's what I was able to scribble down in between gazes of awe. :) Java Integration -- Da....
October 28, 2013
CF Summit notes - Application Security Best Practices, Part 1 - Jason Dean
I saw Jason give a version of this talk at a different conference some time ago. He was giving it again at CF Summit due to a last minute schedule change, and Jason stepped in to fill the empty slot. Jason is one of my favorite speakers, blending the right combo of humor and info, keeping everyone....
October 28, 2013
CF Summit notes - Keynote Day 1, Adobe Staff
Thursday Keynote -- Adobe Staff ColdFusion's been around for a long time, since 1995. ColdFusion is dead -- for 8 years people have been saying that, over half the time it's been around! Units sold per quarter thru 2012 and 23013 exceeding 2011 numbers. tr....
October 28, 2013
ColdFusion Summit Wrap-up
I'm at the airport waiting for my flight home. Thoroughly exhausted and excited about the last few days. Overall I think everyone agrees that the ColdFusion Summit was a big success. For me personally it started out a little rough, then got noticeably better as the days progressed. ....
October 7, 2013
Tuesday at SacInteractive - Dynamic CSS
This Tuesday (tomorrow) Seth Duffey is going to be presenting at SacInteractive on Dynamic CSS. He'll cover bits of LESS and bits of Stylus. And we might even have pizza. (Please send sponsors my way! This credit card is filling up quickly! :) ) Details can be found at
October 3, 2013
MuraCon Wrap-up
MuraCon has wrapped up, and I'm in a hotel finishing up the last day of a little quasi-vacation trip, getting back into gear on client work and such. I've posted most of notes from the different presentations I attended. A few presos ended up being more of a conversation between the speaker and at....
October 2, 2013
MuraCon Notes - Requirements and Estimating
Requirements and Estimating - Ryan Thompson the problem - never really wrote a detailed spec up front so...don't have a scope to go back on, so we start digging ourselves into a hole... reasons: didn't provide a good estimate did no estimate at all....
October 2, 2013
MuraCon Notes - Schema, Schmema: Git'er Done with Mura ORM
Schema, Schmema: Git'er Done with Mura ORM - Matt Levine This was one of my favorite talks at the conference. While I've only come up with 1 or 2 places where I would need Mura ORM in my apps, I very much like (what we already knew) that Blue River says they use their own product for ....
October 2, 2013
MuraCon Notes - XRay Vision into the Application Lifecycle
XRay Vision into the Application Lifecycle - Cameron Childress CFML Lifecycle Phase - what happens when and in what order? System Hooks -primarily event handlers (All into is based on Mura 6.0.5375) (6.1...DI/1 is in, ColdSpri....
October 2, 2013
MuraCon Notes - Ready? Bootstrap! Go!
Ready? Bootstrap! Go! - Guust Nieuwenhuis What is Bootstrap? Web UI framework css, images, icons, javascript great for kicking off your project, so you don't need to repeat the same basic stuff by hand open source - apache v2.0 license....
October 1, 2013
MuraCon Notes - Mura and Mobile ELearning Goals and Techniques
Mura and Mobile ELearning Goals and Techniques - Jim Hicks -- Jim's home site everybody does training. somebody in each company does training. in the old days, did huge long courses those don't play as we....
October 1, 2013
MuraCon Notes - Filtering Your Content With Mura CMS
Filtering Your Content With Mura CMS - Steve Withington How do i get to content that's important to me? Content collections - some kind of filtered subset of content - aka feed, content index, local content index, etc RSS Feeds - allow end us....