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October 1, 2013
MuraCon Notes - Getting Started With Mura Plugins
Getting Started With Mura Plugins - Steve Withington While at MuraCon this week I had several moments where the info I got out of a presentation wasn't what I was -hoping- to get beforehand, but it was just as useful. One of those moments came in Steve's talk on Mura plugins. I saw 1 ....
October 1, 2013
MuraCon Notes - Creating Themes for SlatWall
Creating Themes for SlatWall - Brad Gustavesen Clients needed to sell stuff things got complicated needed a full e-commerce platform wanted to keep Mura Mura + Slatwall = sweet Slatwall - full e-commerce platform - custom produc....
October 1, 2013
MuraCon Notes - Mura Themes 101(ish)
Mura Themes 101(ish) -- Ronnie Duke, Mod Media A Mura Theme can... extend core Mura functionality can contain custom logic retrieve info from the Mura architecture can be as flexible as needed -- can have your own little world inside a theme if you w....
October 1, 2013
MuraCon Notes - Access Control - Groups, Users and Permissions in Mura CMS
Access Control - Groups, Users and Permissions in Mura CMS - Malcolm O'Keeffe Can do all this via Admin OR via code (but that takes longer) Site Members - people that visit the site (there are Mura clients that run over 100 sites in 1 Mura installa....
September 26, 2013
My MuraCon Schedule
After LOTS of maneuvering, I found a way to SQUEEZE MuraCon into the middle of my vacation. I'll miss the first morning, but after that, you can find me in one of the following classes...assuming all my flights hold up. :) -nolan Monday -- Access Control: Groups, Users ....
September 17, 2013
Intro to ColdSpring talk at BACFUG
Tonight I'm speaking at the Bay Area ColdFusion User Group, giving an intro to ColdSpring. I promise not to use the same "it's for adding CFLogging to your app" example that we've all seen 100's of times, and never helps ANYBODY see why ColdSpring is useful. :) Come join us at the
September 8, 2013
SacInteractive: iPhone Indie Game Development
This Tuesday at SacInteractive, Jason Faria is going to talk to us about his experiences as an indie game developer for the iPhone platform. He'll go over his development process, as well as his experiences dealing with the App Store. As always, the meeting is free and open to every....
September 5, 2013
Presenting on Twitter Bootstrap!
Hi all -- Tonight I'll be speaking at the Sacramento Adobe Users Group giving an introduction to the Twitter Bootstrap framework. It's a FREE meeting, and there's usually pizza! Though you still have to put up with listening to me talk f....
August 14, 2013
Notes from Brackets / Adobe Edge Code and Inspect preso
Last night Rob Huddleston came to our Sac Interactive meeting and gave a great presentation on Brackets, Adobe Edge Code, and Edge Inspect. As per usual, Rob's presentation was great. Below are my notes from the presentation. Thanks again to Rob for doi....
August 12, 2013
Tomorrow at Sac Interactive - Brackets and Edge Code
This Tuesday (tomorrow) at Sac Interactive, Rob Huddleston will be giving a talk on 2 new Adobe products: Brackets and Edge Code, both great tools for web/mobile development. The meeting is of course free and open to everyone. Details are available at
August 8, 2013
Book Review: ColdFusion ORM
Book Review: "ColdFusion ORM: A guide to developing applications using ColdFusion ORM" by John Whish I've had this in the "to read" pile for a couple of months now (virtually anyway -- I read the PDF version). I was familiar with the concepts of what Hibernate does, and have looked a....
August 7, 2013
This is why it takes so long to "fix bugs" in code.
For 3 days now I've been going back/forth with a client over a tech issue. The new "Bootstrap Menu Bar" I added to their app wasn't appearing on her screen...but JUST her screen. All the other employees could see and use it just fine. But on HER computer, it never showed up, just blank space. The RE....
July 10, 2013
Backbone / StackMob preso at SacInteractive
Last night Sidney Maestre made the drive up from the Bay Area and gave a great presentation at SacInteractive! Sidney talked about a combination of Backbone.js and StackMob. This was by far the best Backbone presentation I've seen yet. Sid ....
June 11, 2013
Upcoming meetings - Angular JS and CF.Objective recap
Tonight I'll be co-hosting the Sac Interactive meeting at the Hacker Lab in Sacramento. Seth Duffey will be giving an intro to Angular JS. We're up to 35 RSVP's for the event! It should be an excellent night, hope to see you there. I'll be playing the role of Julie, Your Cruise Director. :) More de....
May 31, 2013
HTML5 Anchor Tags and Submit Buttons
Earlier I was working on an app that uses Bootstrap and FW/1; specifically, building some UI-prototype stuff for a client so they can see how their legacy app might look if it were done in Bootstrap (the client actually approved building new versions of both of their apps with FW/1 and Bootstrap...e....
May 19, 2013
CF.Objective Recap
CF.Objective is over, I'm at the airport waiting for my flight home (and hoping that this "tornado warning" doesn't affect things too much...yikes!). I've finished posting my notes from all the presentations I attended; hopefully some of you find those useful. Overall CF.Objective w....
May 18, 2013
CFObjective Notes: Responsive Apps using Bootstrap 2.0 - Dan Vega
Responsive Apps using Bootstrap 2.0 - Dan Vega (I didn't take a ton of notes on this preso. Dan's slide deck was SO good, it wasn't really necessary to take a lot of notes, so I eventually stopped and just listened to him talk. At the end of this entry, I have listed the URL for Dan'....
May 18, 2013
CFObjective Notes: GIT: Choosing workflows that make sense - Tim Cunningham
GIT: Choosing workflows that make sense - Tim Cunningham Git is not a hammer, it's a hardware store know which tool you need to use. Everything stored in Git is an "object" Forking different than a clone when you fork it, you're takin....
May 18, 2013
CFObjective Notes: ColdFusion Builder: IDE to Boost Your Productivity - Elishia Dvorak
ColdFusion Builder: IDE to Boost Your Productivity - Elishia Dvorak CFB 2.01 focus was performance 2.01 has a bit performance improvement over 2.0 plus CF10 support -- documentation libraries -- server config is updated for Tomcat FTP has new "upload....
May 18, 2013
CFObjective Notes: Mobile but Secure - Bilal Soylu
Mobile but Secure - Bilal Soylu Insecure Data Storage we have all these files for storage - sql lite database, log files, xml, cookie stores, etc how sure am i that NO other application can read it? confidentially of data is lost Credentials disclosed....