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An Intro to Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap is a new CSS / JavaScript framework that (among other things) solves many common UI problems in web development. Everything from making sites responsive, to integrating drop-down menus, good typography, popups, pagination and so no becomes much easier with Bootstrap! We'll start with the basics of how to install Bootstrap and start adding it to your projects. Then we'll cover using some of the built-in features such as making your sites responsive, nav bars, buttons, menus, and much more! No knowledge of ColdFusion required, this all works with plain CSS (and maybe a tad of JavaScript if we start to get extra fancy).

Best Practices Are Best, Except When They're Not

A code-review of sorts where we go over some of the real-world situations when things just don't go the way the Stack Overflow Gods say they should. We'll look at the pros and cons of solutions in these situations and the lessons hopefully learned along the way.


ColdSpring and DI/1 Comparison

DI/1 is gaining in popularity, ColdSpring 2 has been quasi-available for a while now too. But do newbies know what they are and when/why to use them? Let's do an intro to the concept of "dependency injection" and see how both ColdSpring and DI/1 handle this facet of development.


Writing a Mura Plugin With FW/1

You can literally write a Mura plugin using any flavor of ColdFusion you want (Model-Glue, spaghetti code, whatever). However there are some benefits to doing so using FW/1. Mura provides a connector plugin for FW/1 making this process easier. We'll look at how to install and configure the FW/1 Connector plugin, and we'll even write some code, integrating the plugin into both the front-end of a site as well as the Mura Admin.

JavaScript 201

So you've learned the basics of JavaScript (and programming in general) – variables, if/else statements, loops, and you even know how to use functions. Now what? The “next steps” are often the first places things start to get confusing – DOM manipulation, event listeners, “this”, classes, object literals, JSON, and so on. We'll discuss these steps, and how you can start using them in your JavaScript applications. We'll also go over the basics of Object Oriented Programming within JavaScript, and some ways in which it differs from other OO languages.